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Hello.  I'm Julia. Born in Australia and currently living in England with my two boys and husband.  I have studied psychology,  social work and family therapy and have practiced as a social worker and counsellor for over a decade, predominately helping children, adults and families with mental health challenges. In this work I have observed the incredible healing power of talk based therapies but also their limitations, namely how they can often fail to integrate the body and the mind to bring about lasting change.


I discovered yoga in my mid twenties as a wonderful antidote to the stresses of modern life and a solution to chronic back pain.  I have practiced Dru yoga for 10 years after meeting a very transformational Dru Yoga teacher in Australia who practiced the yogic philosophy both on and off the mat. Over the years yoga has been a loyal, wise and loving friend through all the ups and downs of life. It continues to transform me as my journey deepens, and it brings me into balance and opens my heart each and every time I practice.  I adore the flowing, graceful style of Dru, and the spaciousness and clarity of mind that I experience after every session.  It always connects me to the exquisite aliveness of the present moment -  that space beyond the conceptual, thinking mind where all fear falls away and a deep sense of love and trust can arise. 


I trained as a Dru Yoga teacher in London because of my positive experience of Dru, and my desire to help people live a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. I believe Dru offers this - and I have already seen it help so many people. I love that it is so accessible – it is truly a style of yoga that anyone can practice. I know that Dru already compliments traditional forms of therapy for many people with mental health challenges, and my longer term vision is to combine my yoga and therapeutic training to offer a truly holistic package of care that integrates the body, mind and soul.